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Monday, 2 July 2012

Chris's ghost

Hey all! Soz it took so long for me to write a new review, I've been busy. Besides, I've found a really good book to review:):):):)!

Okay, let's get this started; this book (I don't know where or when this was set- sorry!) is about a girl called Christina (or Chris preferably) who instead of staying with her aunt with her younger sister she has to stay, alone, with her grumpy uncle who (she thinks) hates her. But things start to change when she starts to see a little boy in a sailor's outfit. It turns out that the boy was a ghost of a child, murdered under Chris's very roof! Then the attic appears to be haunted. Chris tried to block it out by putting a chest in front of it but in the middle of the night she hears it getting pushed aside. And that turns out to be a ghost of a murdered man who was a tutor/run-away criminal. But you can fill out those details about him. So as they (Chris and..... her uncle (yes her uncle)!) start to unravel the mystery Chris and her uncle start to get along! They find out that he's after some rare stamps hidden somewhere. Chris and her uncle spend a day looking for them, and find them at last! I won't tell you where for two reason: 1. Cliff hanger (almost) 2. I forgot. Anyway, back to the story. Then the go out to a cafe to reward themselves and sleep in the car overnight instead of going home. Before they leave they give the stamps to the police, baffled because the mystery was about 30 years old! (Or at least, I think they handed them in. If I wasn't right please comment and tell me how. Thanks!).

At a glance:
 Title: Chris's Ghost
Author: Betty Ren Wright
Publisher: Apple Paperbacks
Target Age: 10-11
Tweenie's Rating: 10 stars (that's the highest)

Hope you like it!

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