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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Giver Part 1

So my teacher (no names and shout out to her!) is reading my class a class novel called 'The Giver'. We're about a 1/4 through it and I thought 'I could review what we read each week!'. SOOOOOOO I will. This is 'The Giver'

I am really enjoying this book at the moment! So Jonas lives- Well, I don't know where or when but in a place with so many rules! They are originally called numbers- wait! Look at this:

Those are some of the ridiculous rules. After 12 you're an adult and you can't choose your job, it's chosen for you and age doesn't matter. So Jonas is worried about the ceremony of 12. He's worried of what his assignment will be. But when it comes he isn't assigned but selected. He's chosen to become the 'Receiver of Memory' and is sent to the Giver. Now Jonas is special. He has lighter eyes. So one day, he's throwing an apple and he sees it change. And that's all I'm up to. Keep you all updated!


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  1. Actually Jonas has always had lighter eyes! I got it mixed up, but his job is very special and the most important.