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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Giver Part 4

Okay so I finished the book 'The Giver' and now am going to sum it up. Jonas finds out that Gabe will be released and steals himself and Gabe away to find the other places that await them far away. They face tortuous times as the are hungry and being tracked down by the community. But they escape perfectly and live in the town that has love and things that Jonas has only ever seen in the memories.After 'The Giver' there is (yes it's a series; the surprises continue) 'Gathering Blue' and 'Messenger'. In 'Messenger' Jonas comes back as a character, now older. And if you liked 'The Giver' you may also like 'Crow Country'. Sure, they are pretty different but it's a good story.

P.S. The Giver is now one of my favourite books.
P.P.S. I doubt I will be reviewing 'Gathering Blue' and 'Messenger'. Soz

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