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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Billie B Brown: The Secret Message


Today I'm going to be reviewing Billie B Brown: The Secret Message. 

This Billie B Brown story takes place at the beach during Billie's summer holidays. The excitment really beings when Bille finds a green glass bottle which she thinks may contain a secret message.And when she makes a new friend called Harriet, the two girls set about trying to guess the answer to their mystery.
I really liked this story - especially the ending because everyone ends up friends and I like happy endings.It also had suspense which always adds to the fun.
I liked this book because it had a big font size so was a really easy read I could get through in one sitting. It would especially suit younger readers (6-8) or someone who’s not very confident with reading a whole book yet.

At a glance:
Title: Billie B Brown: The Secret Message
Author: Sally Rippen
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont
Target age: 6-8 years
Tweenie’s rating:  4 stars

Disclosure: I received this copy of Billie B Brown from the lovely people at Hardie Grant Edgmont - thank you!!

Happy reading

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  1. Thank you SO much Tweenie. I have a daughter and a number of neices + you have convinced me to buy this book for them. It sounds great.

    Please read some more!